Goose in the Pond - Chapters 1-8
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Subject: Goose in the Pond - Chapters 1-8


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On page 102, Earlene Fowler drops a quote from Michelle Wright's "Take it Like a Man." I love how Fowler does this every so often. Not only does it date the book and time period, but I have so much fun remembering the songs. Michelle Wright only had that one album that was big in the States (she is Canadian Country Western) but I have worn out my old tape of it until I had to track down the CD copy. It brings the setting in the story to life a little bit more for me.
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Subject: RE: Goose in the Pond - Chapters 1-8


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That is a very interesting reference Jess. I wonder how symbolic Fowler meant for it to be. It could either be just as you said a marker for the time and situation or it could be read as a much deeper statement on several story lines in the book. For instance, Benni lived a life that at one time was dominated by men, she married a cowboy, ran a ranch, and in many ways worked as hard and as long as any man. Then she marries a man that is very much more macho and protective of her and she seems to resist that, while I feel she may be comforted by it more than even she realizes.

Take it like a man could mean to me that someone should stand up to their problems and be strong like a man. It also makes me think of a man taking what he wants in this world as the only means to get what he wants. Interesting reference for sure.


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