Leaf Symphony - Clothworks
Posted 2008-11-11 2:47 PM (#15740)
Subject: Leaf Symphony - Clothworks


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Hi ladies - Most of these are on Shelves Now and can be viewed here. The rest are due to arrive any day and can be viewed here.












Attachments GreenBlueDots_Symphony_31026-5_BIG.jpg (20KB - 247 downloads)
Attachments GreenLeaf_Symphony_31021-5_BIG.jpg (25KB - 236 downloads)
Attachments GreenRedDots_Leaf-Symphony_31026-6_BIG.jpg (16KB - 263 downloads)
Attachments PurpleBorder_Symphony_31024-3_BIG.jpg (25KB - 245 downloads)
Attachments PurpleFlower_Symphony_31022-3_BIG.jpg (21KB - 252 downloads)
Attachments PurpleLeaf_Symphony_31021-3_BIG.jpg (20KB - 248 downloads)
Attachments RedBorder_Symphony_31024-1_BIG.jpg (29KB - 257 downloads)
Attachments RedFlower_Symphony_31022-1_BIG.jpg (25KB - 250 downloads)
Attachments RedGrass_Symphony_31023-1_BIG.jpg (21KB - 247 downloads)
Attachments RedLeaf_Symphony_31021-1_BIG.jpg (27KB - 233 downloads)
Attachments YellowRedDots_Symphony_31026-4_BIG.jpg (19KB - 256 downloads)
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Posted 2008-12-04 9:02 PM (#16662 - in reply to #15740)
Subject: Re: Leaf Symphony - Clothworks


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holy cow guys these fabrics are soooo pretty! Larger scale than I am used to working with but ever so bold and vibrant! I can't wait to see how they work together!!!!!!!
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