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Posted 2013-03-15 8:07 PM (#74796)
Subject: orphan blocks

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is there a place on this forum to place request for orphan blocks i belong to a newly formed quilt guild and we have taken on the project of making quilts for chemo patients at a local cancer center I am in the search for orphan blocks that we could turn into beautiful quilts for these chemo patients they see about 1000 patients a year and we took 40 quilts the first round in dec and they are all gone and we are trying to get quilts to them about every other month but we need other peoples help with this the response that we have gotten from the nurses doctors and patients are just overwhelming any help would be appreciated.
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Posted 2013-03-28 10:50 AM (#75100 - in reply to #74796)
Subject: RE: orphan blocks


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hi, linda!  sounds like a wonderful cause! and welcome to the Q&N i am cindy, jess' virtual assistant and forum administrator.

there is not a "specific" area on this forum for requesting orphan blocks, so where you've posted this is just fine   

if anyone sees this and has orphan blocks that they would like to donate, please PM linda, a/k/a fromzstore, so y'all can exchange contact info, etc. etc.

best wishes on your venture, linda!

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