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I may have asked this question before, if so please forgive me; my medication sometimes muddles my memory. Like many of you, I used to blog on the Block Central blog sites. I see that on the Q&N blog there are links to blogs by members. Are those on a site hosted by Q&N? If not, where are you folks blogging? I would like to start a blog again, but on a site with only other quilters.
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Meg... I blog on Blogger,  (sometimes called "blogspot") an offshoot of Google.   You can make your blog as private or as public as you would like, but i'm not aware of a way to open it to just quilters.    I would suggest that you do some blog hopping to see what you think.... there are so maany go visit. 

Wordpress is another site that a lot of quilters use.... 

On Blogger you can have a specific list of approved readers. 

I've been blogging on Blogger for a couple of years now, and it's never gone down on me... I know that the block central blog was lost  at least 2 times that I know of, because i lost my blog entries that many times.

I believe there is a blog over at a website that is for quilters,  which is huge... I  couldn't keep up with the action....  "Quiltiing Board" ... there are lots of swaps, etc,  but like I said... there are thousands of members... and as many posts each day..... not personal enough for me.....

I believe that "quilting gallery" is another.. I haven't actually checked it out.... just not enough time. 


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I use blogger also Meg. It's free and easy to use. But I don't know of a more private one (although you can privatize blogger as Denise says).
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I also use blogger. I is an easy site to use.
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Meg I use Blogger also. I'm new to the world of blogging so I don't have too much on mine yet. But you are more than welcome to go and take a look at it.


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